All That Glitters…….Need Not Be Gold

What is it about winter and Christmas that makes us all want to sparkle? Is it a subconscious competition we have with the ordinarily dull streets that now drip with twinkling lights? or the need to co-ordinate with the golden sparkles of champagne at the conveyor belt of parties? Whatever the reason, come December I can’t wait to gild myself and the world of fashion is, as always, wonderfully accommodating!

This season (and next) designers sent their models down the runways looking like starlight with limbs. Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, Jenny Packham and Marchessa to name but a few took beaded opulence to new heights, creating the sort of dresses that should belong to fairy tale princesses.


I’m the first to admit I’m a magpie. A complete sucker for statement jewellery. I find a statement necklace the most accessible way to update a drab outfit and revitalise a dull look. Tom Binns is the man of the moment, turning semi precious jewels into wearable modern art. He’s sought after by fashionistas the world over…..Michelle Obama was one of his first high profile devotees, but so exclusive are his creations, even America’s first lady has to pay full price!


And who says jewellery need only be worn on the neck, ears or wrists? Adding a brooch in the hair or a bejewelled headband gives a unique, ethereal take on completing a look. And the sparkles will enhance your highlights….win-win!!


Now that it’s officially December, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog completely to all things twinkly…..stay tuned fellow magpies, it’s going to be a suitably shimmery week;-)


HarperAll That Glitters…….Need Not Be Gold

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