Dear Santa…..

With only 2 weeks until Christmas, I’ve whittled down my lists of lust haves and must haves (not an easy job!!) and condensed them down for my Ultimate Christmas Wishlist;

Since I can remember, we’ve always had new ‘Christmas Eve Pyjamas’. It wouldn’t be Christmas unless I slipped into a new pair of satin pjs on December 24th……and it would be just plain rude to break that tradition! So Santa, either Victoria’s Secret candy striped pjs or The White Company’s ones would be splendid!
And a pair of Marc Jacobs mouse flats to finish it off……I thought I couldn’t love my mouse flats any more and then he went and made snuggly ones. Genius!


Seeing as how I’ll have the prettiest pjs, a girls night in kit would be the perfect excuse to show them off.
Fortnum & Mason’s Champagne and truffle set would set the mood, served in Swarovski crystal champagne flutes-what a way to indulge; drinking sparkles from sparkles….Carrie Bradshow (perhaps more so Charlotte York) would be proud!


Perfect Stocking filler material here Santa; a nice scarf. I’m torn between a wispy Alexander McQueen or Valentino classic or a more substantial Vuitton one. Buying someone a scarf is like buying them a hug that lasts forever(or at least until next season’s colours come in!)… could you not want to get me one of those Santa?!


And while this might be painfully optimistic as we’re in the depths of winter, a pair of oversized Cats eye sunglasses pleeeaasssee! Only Tiffany &Co ones will do I’m afraid -you’ll know them straight away as they’re lined in Tiffany blue! (one look at Audrey Hepburn outside of Tiffany’s and you’ll agree they are just perfect).


Next up, a cocktail ring that would make Elizabeth Taylor proud (as I write this I’m realising how high maintenance I am. I’m scaring myself!!). To make it easier I’ll point you in the direction of Dior, Lanvin & De La Renta and if you think you see one that’s waaayyyyy too OTT, you’re on the right tracks!


P.s. No pressure, but diamonds would really make my Christmas morning;-)


Stay tuned this week for more must haves. I’m only just warming up;-)

HarperDear Santa…..

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