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Leopard print has long been a perennial favourite of designers. There’s nothing subtle about it…. If you want to be noticed, its the go-to choice.

Often thought of as bold and brash, it struggles to shed a certain ‘Euro-trash’ or worse again, Jersey/Geordie Shore tag, but worn the right way, there is simply nothing quite so chic!

The tones of leopard are one of those wonder-trends that suit every skin tone-complimenting blondes’ soft tones, helping to add warmth to their complexions while maximising darker skin and hair’s sultriness….. A bit like Nars’ orgasm blusher!

The easiest way to wear leopard is by adding a splash in moderation. Think shoes, scarves, handbags. This gives just enough oomph to an outfit without wearing you.


If you want to go a step further whilst sticking to the same ‘in moderation’ rule, pair a simple bright dress with a leopard print shoe or bag. This simple pairing is a stunning, fashion forward look with minimum effort. Cat Deeley clearly knows she’s on to a good thing!


Dolce and Gabbana’s trademark flamboyant flair for fashion is epitomised by their consistent use of leopard print. They have dressed some of Hollywood’s finest in head to toe animal print but through their impeccably elegant cuts to their luxury chiffon and silk materials, they manage to endorse an altogether more polished take on leopard print. Look below to see how to look oh so puuurrrrrrrrty in leopard gowns;


A leopard print coat is a classic investment piece. Look and see how her Leopard ensemble put the ‘Ooooo’ into Jackie O! This look was no doubt ahead of its time but it paved the way for fashionistas the world over to follow in her footsteps.




Whilst researching this theme, there were two contenders for my Ultimate Pretty Kitty title. Their fearless and artful use of the print inspired me to re-think how I use it in my day to day wardrobe.
Contender # 1-Rachel Zoe.
Rachel’s confident, ostentatious style is a daring take on the look. She manages to break all the rules, layering gold jewellery over statement coats and neckties…..and yet she pulls it off with aplomb. Ok, I might not wear it to do my grocery shop, but this is high fashion at it’s finest and you can tell she’s loving it! Extra points for the leopard wedges at 6 months pregnant-a true style icon!



Contender #2: Olivia Palermo
And yup, whilst I’ll admit to being biased when it comes to Ms Palermo and her impeccable sense of style, she’d be in anyone’s top 3. Unlike Zoe, she makes use of a more muted palette, mixing high end pieces with high street, blending leopard with floral, classic dresses and tailored outfits with printed booties and bright bags. She thinks outside the box and the resulting look is one of effortless uptown polish making us mere mortals wonder why we hadn’t thought of doing it first.




Aaaannnnnnnd a few more too-good-to-not-put-up pictures that I ‘spotted’ along the way;



Til next time kittens;-) xxx

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