Finish with (faux) Fur

What is it about fur that instantly stirs up visions of luxe and glamour?

It’s synonymous with Old School Hollywood glamour, with the likes of Marilyn Monroe & Elizabeth Taylor swathed in glossy pelts, framing their perfect features & accentuating their slinky gowns at each important photo call. As a result, fur is etched in our minds as the go-to accessory for feminine decadence.



Cinema has played no small role in underlining the glamour that fur encapsulates. Iconic femme fatales are often dripping in fur, instantly drawing the audience’s attention (and adoration) to the super-chic character. Think Julie Christie in Dr Zhivago (full length fur + gun= icon), Catherine Zeta Jones’ scene stealing courtroom appearance in Chicago as Velma Kelly and new cinematic heroines in the making; Emma Stone as Grace in Gangster Squad proves that no self respecting gangster could be seen without his fur-clad moll in tow and Carrie Mulligan in Baz Luhrmann’s yet to be released Great Gatsby remake looks nothing short of breathtaking in newly released stills. These are just a few examples of the power that movies have over fashion.


Of course, whilst these all serve as a blue-print for true glamour, we don’t often have the occasion to wear such pieces. Rather than risk looking like a caricature, look to our own fashionistas for the modern take on fur.

Kate Moss is my go-to girl for rock chick glamour-drawing influences from the 1970s take on the look with her fur gilets and undone hair that gives a tougher, sexier look to the classic influences, juxtaposing the softness of the fur with leather, denim and certain amount of posed dishevelment that just works.


For a more polished, uptown spin on fur, look no further than Olivia Palermo, who partners her vintage pieces with Chanel jackets, tailored trousers and floaty silk-chiffon to maximise the decadence of the fur. Perfection.


The great thing about fur is that there are no rules. You can choose to go all out and work a full length coat, or keep it simple with a mere hint of it. Whatever you decide, all eyes will be on you!




HarperFinish with (faux) Fur

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