If in doubt, wear red.

For the fashion fearless, nothing turns head as quickly as a flash of red. Depending on how confident you feel, or how many heads you feel like turning, there are endless possibilities on how to wear this sumptuous shade.

A cheeky wink of Red;


Stick to red nails or lips for an instant surge of glamour. Nothing screams old school allure quite like a glossy red pout and ruby red nails.


Accessorise those perfectly manicured nails with a matching clutch or shoe…..when you go to the trouble of looking fabulous, you may as well point people in the right direction!




For the fashion fearless, why not modernise the textbook sexy little red dress with a modern rock chick but still super-sexy red trouser…..you’ll never look back. Unless you’re passing a mirror!
(kudos to Kate Bosworth for giving red leather skinnies a chic not cheap overhaul)


And then there are those jaw dropping gowns that stop you in your tracks, make you wish you had an occasion to wear an Oscar worthy party dress and reaffirm your love of Hollywood glamour. When Hollywood’s elite want to be noticed, only red will do.




And just a few of my favourite red inspired looks of late;
(note how Emma Stone reaffirms her status of Everyone’s Favourite Fashion Darling by accessorising her subtle red embellishments with her not do subtle beau’s red suit)





(note for future reference…..I never need to justify inserting pictures of Bardot-she just makes my blog look instantly prettier!! As do Marilyn and Audrey and Grace……..as you’ll soon discover!)

A hue inspiring fairy tales, first ladies and film-stars, it really needs no further justification as the tone of true luxury.


And it wouldn’t be a Harper Loves blog without mention of my first love….shoes! Perhaps this is where my obsession with Louboutin comes from, the subtle flash of red with every step paints each day a little bit brighter.




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HarperIf in doubt, wear red.

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