Mad for Marchessa

Marchessa have quickly established themselves as the A-list fairy godmothers when any star wants her Cinderella moment.

Their creations are other-worldly and whimsical yet manage to be of the moment and fashion forward. I’m super excited to see who will be modelling their dresses over the coming weeks. Their Spring/Summer 2013 collections were heavily influenced by the Middle East. Think heavily beaded sari style gowns, in opulent jewel hues. Shrinkin violets need not apply.



Marchesa have consistently created some of the most memorable gowns of the last few years. I first became aware of them when Mischa Barton wore their rose-pink and gold embroidered corsage dress….im still just as in awe of this as when I saw it years ago.

The use of roses or floral in built corsages have become a signature look in their cocktail and formal dresses. Stacy Kiebler was the envy of every woman at last years Oscars in her molten gold rose stunner.

20130117-232113.jpg< Perhaps what I love most about this brand is that it brings an element of fantasy to fashion. The gowns are so elaborate and ornate that they often defy belief. They're the sort of things that I thought only belonged to imagination; 20130117-232710.jpg




And now they do bags!!


HarperMad for Marchessa

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