Dear Santa…..

With only 2 weeks until Christmas, I’ve whittled down my lists of lust haves and must haves (not an easy job!!) and condensed them down for my Ultimate Christmas Wishlist;

Since I can remember, we’ve always had new ‘Christmas Eve Pyjamas’. It wouldn’t be Christmas unless I slipped into a new pair of satin pjs on December 24th……and it would be just plain rude to break that tradition! So Santa, either Victoria’s Secret candy striped pjs or The White Company’s ones would be splendid!
And a pair of Marc Jacobs mouse flats to finish it off……I thought I couldn’t love my mouse flats any more and then he went and made snuggly ones. Genius!


Seeing as how I’ll have the prettiest pjs, a girls night in kit would be the perfect excuse to show them off.
Fortnum & Mason’s Champagne and truffle set would set the mood, served in Swarovski crystal champagne flutes-what a way to indulge; drinking sparkles from sparkles….Carrie Bradshow (perhaps more so Charlotte York) would be proud!


Perfect Stocking filler material here Santa; a nice scarf. I’m torn between a wispy Alexander McQueen or Valentino classic or a more substantial Vuitton one. Buying someone a scarf is like buying them a hug that lasts forever(or at least until next season’s colours come in!)… could you not want to get me one of those Santa?!


And while this might be painfully optimistic as we’re in the depths of winter, a pair of oversized Cats eye sunglasses pleeeaasssee! Only Tiffany &Co ones will do I’m afraid -you’ll know them straight away as they’re lined in Tiffany blue! (one look at Audrey Hepburn outside of Tiffany’s and you’ll agree they are just perfect).


Next up, a cocktail ring that would make Elizabeth Taylor proud (as I write this I’m realising how high maintenance I am. I’m scaring myself!!). To make it easier I’ll point you in the direction of Dior, Lanvin & De La Renta and if you think you see one that’s waaayyyyy too OTT, you’re on the right tracks!


P.s. No pressure, but diamonds would really make my Christmas morning;-)


Stay tuned this week for more must haves. I’m only just warming up;-)

HarperDear Santa…..

Shimmer, don’t Shine in Daytime

Incorporating a lil’ bit of shimmer into your everyday wardrobe is sure to get you noticed faster than the speed of light……tho a little warning; unless you’re a superstar fashionista editor (Anna Dello Russo), or a walking piece of modern fash-art (Daphne Guinness), less is more in the daylight hours…….


One of my Favourite-looks-of-all-time has to be the combination of sequins and knitwear for an uber pretty daytime look. The softer the knitwear, the more feminine the look. The contrast of the modern super-sheeny-shiny sequins and the softness of the wool is a case in point example of the saying ‘opposites attract’.


This eye catching trend is so simple to channel-the addition of an embellished bag is enough to transform a daytime look, adding an element of surprise to the average ensemble.


While we’re on the subject of the unexpected, sequin cocktail or evening gowns are pretty standard party pieces. But recently some of my favourite fashionistas have been playing with the formula by wearing sequinned skinnies to black tie events, and stealing the spotlight in the process!
I LOVE Nicole’s blush tone outfit, the oversized blazer blends so well with the flawless nude makeup, which blends so well with the subtle highlights, which blend so well…..well you’re getting the idea-perfectly coordinated!
And Blake’s luxe-rock-chick take on the look has equally as much oomph to it (lusting after her booties!).I can’t wait to re-create these looks-a perfect alternative to the now uniform-like new years party dress methinks!


I can’t possibly leave the ever-immaculate Kate Bosworth out of this post. Her studded Burberry biker jacket and pencil skirt literally made my jaw drop when I saw it for the first time at London Fashion Week. This is high fashion at its finest; transforming her into an unusual ethereal/rock-princess hybrid! She wore this stud encrusted masterpiece with the laid back ease she would if she’d been wearing jeans and a tshirt, but as the embellishments glistened with the furious popping of the flashbulbs, we knew she knew she was a true fashion star. In this case both physically and metaphorically!
(another tip: keep hair a little bit tousled when doing day time sequins. It plays down the look and is key to establishing the understated vibe you’re going for-Kate and Blake get A*s for their beachy Californian tresses)


HarperShimmer, don’t Shine in Daytime

All That Glitters…….Need Not Be Gold

What is it about winter and Christmas that makes us all want to sparkle? Is it a subconscious competition we have with the ordinarily dull streets that now drip with twinkling lights? or the need to co-ordinate with the golden sparkles of champagne at the conveyor belt of parties? Whatever the reason, come December I can’t wait to gild myself and the world of fashion is, as always, wonderfully accommodating!

This season (and next) designers sent their models down the runways looking like starlight with limbs. Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, Jenny Packham and Marchessa to name but a few took beaded opulence to new heights, creating the sort of dresses that should belong to fairy tale princesses.


I’m the first to admit I’m a magpie. A complete sucker for statement jewellery. I find a statement necklace the most accessible way to update a drab outfit and revitalise a dull look. Tom Binns is the man of the moment, turning semi precious jewels into wearable modern art. He’s sought after by fashionistas the world over…..Michelle Obama was one of his first high profile devotees, but so exclusive are his creations, even America’s first lady has to pay full price!


And who says jewellery need only be worn on the neck, ears or wrists? Adding a brooch in the hair or a bejewelled headband gives a unique, ethereal take on completing a look. And the sparkles will enhance your highlights….win-win!!


Now that it’s officially December, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog completely to all things twinkly…..stay tuned fellow magpies, it’s going to be a suitably shimmery week;-)


HarperAll That Glitters…….Need Not Be Gold