The 1950s-my Ultimate Pin-up

Betty Draper, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe; these women’s style transcend time. They embody the breathtaking glamour of the 1950s.

Each time I see an image of one of these women, it has the ability to stop me in my tracks and wish I still lived in an era of such ladylike perfection-where women were feminine, refined and eternally groomed.

Of course this would have been a curse to sustain long term-bound by the necessary corsets, no heated hair tools to achieve those glossy waves, nor the option of setting foot outside the door in jeans and uggs!

Nostalgia has the exasperating ability to file away the flaws and imperfections of the past and leave a golden aura upon memories-thus leaving us chasing the impossible. But rather than resent this, I look at it as inspirational.


The women of the silver screen and public stage were masters at improving and concealing their flaws and maximising their assets. Jacqueline Kennedy hated that her smoking habit stained her finger tips thus always wore gloves in public. And so followed a generation of perfectly fingertipped women! (and me if I had my way!)

It was in the 1950s that Christian Dior came into his own and other design houses took his lead in nipping women’s waists into waspish proportions, enrobing them only in the frothiest and most sumptuous of fabrics to emphasise their femininity-the perfect antidote to the previous post war decade of the ’40s.


Mad Men has gone some way to filling the void that Sex and the City left. I’ve bought each box set and often find myself fast forwarding the scenes with the office politics (and actual story lines!)and pause on the stunning costumes that Betty, Joan, Jane and Megan model. Although the less said about Peggy the better! I love all things Betty-her Grace Kelly-like style sung to my very soul and encapsulates everything I love.


Nothing screams true Hollywood glamour like hint of luxury fur. It’s luxurious texture oozes decadence and even a hint of it gives an ordinary outfit a touch of golden age sumptuousness.
I couldn’t be more obsessed than I already am than with Louboutin’s Artemis evening bag….sling it over your shoulder and it looks like a vintage stole. Only Mr Louboutin could realise that every woman is in need of one of these!


HarperThe 1950s-my Ultimate Pin-up

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