Winter In Bloom

This year florals haven’t been relegated to the Spring and Summer months. Dolce and Gabbana, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen and Erdem to name but a few have blown wintery breath into florals as we know them and ressurected them as a hybrid of the inescapable femininity they represent but with a darker, tougher edge. This is what I love about fashion-there are no rules…..designers twist nature itself to deliver ground breaking creations. Love this trend!


A murkier palette but non the less definitively girlie, this trend can be styled in any direction you wish to go. Toughen up the look by pairingwith leather and spiked or studded accessories, turning the flirty floral stereotype on it’s head. Nobody likes to be predictable after all….



Another option is to make like Olivia and pair your so-hot-right-now florals with another print….leopard. Who’d have thought they’d clash so well? Word of warning though-this an incredibly blurry line-when do they compliment each other and when do they just conflict? Even the always confident Olivia knows to keep her leopard print to a minimum…..albeit with a flurry of feathers thrown in for good measure! Yet somehow this still is one of my favourite looks. Again it’s the unpredictability that makes it worth taking a second look at. It breaks the normal formula to make fashion interesting and yet somehow still groomed.


While we’re on the topic of floral trousers, it’s a trend that’s grown faster than the speed of a weed (sorry, couldn’t resist!) and they seem to be the go-to trouser of the a listers both on and off the red carpet. I absolutely love Chiara’s take on the trend-utility meets girlie meets neon…. Are we starting to realise that normal rules seem to go out the window when it comes to new season florals?


Of course for those who aren’t quite ready for full on floral, there is the always appropriate flirty dress option. Dare to bare the stems or just add black opaques to keep out winter’s chill.



HarperWinter In Bloom

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